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Students studying in 9th grade are eligible to apply for the NISHTHA & SADHANA foundation program. The course commences after the 8th class annual exam.


The program begins in the academic session immediately following the previous year’s annual exam.

Admission Process

Students can apply for admission through the Mindgurukulam Talent Search Exam (MTSE) or through an admission test.


The course duration is two academic sessions, with classes scheduled 5 days a week for 3 hours each day.


Classes are held four days a week for three and a half hours each day.


The course covers Maths, Science, English  ALL SUBJECT comprehensively, ensuring that students have a solid foundation in these subjects before advancing to higher studies

Course Description

The Nishtha or Sadhana One Year Foundation Program (OYFP) is a course offered by Mindgurukulam for students in IX or X grade who are looking to build a strong foundation in Math, Science, English and other subjects. The program is designed to prepare students for Board exams, NTSE, MTSE, and Olympiad exams.
The course duration is one academic session and runs for four days a week with 3.5 hours of teaching time each day. Students are admitted through the MTSE or admission test process. The course curriculum covers all the fundamental concepts and topics in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies.
The program also includes mental ability training and helps students to improve their speed for subjective type questions, which is the pattern of the X board examination. The course structure includes well-structured and exclusive study material (Set of 15 Modules in Class IX and 17 Modules in Class X) of Maths, English, Science & Social Studies for School Boards and Olympiad Examinations.
To monitor the progress of students, periodical tests and discussions are conducted, and progress reports are sent to parents. The course is designed to help students develop a strong foundation in the core subjects and prepare them for a rewarding career in engineering or medicine.

Benefits for Your Child

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Strong foundation in key subjects

Overall, NISHTHA & SADHANA is an ideal course for students who want to build a strong foundation for their academic and professional journey. With comprehensive preparation for board and competitive exams, well-structured study material, and regular progress monitoring, this course sets students up for success in their chosen field.