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The Guidance and path that you need to take are all here at MINDGURUKULAM. Our Academic modules are tailored to suit the needs of each unique student under our care, get your career life sorted with us.

Our Courses

Pick out your choice of an academic session that has been designed specifically to help you succeed in your career life.

Aastha- (Target 7th course)

The Germinating phase: Interested,
Dream full, Jubilant
Preparation for Olympiad.

Sharddha-(Target 8th course)

The Nurturing phase: Confused, Invasion, Evolving Preparation for Olympiad and Board Examination.

Nishtha- (Target 9th course)

The Rooting Phase: Submerge, Decide and Devote Preparation for

Sadhana-(Target 10th Course)

The Transformative Phase: Dedication, Discipline, Breakdown. Preparation for Board Examination/ Olympiad/NTSE.

Sankalp-(Target 11th Course)

The Graving Phase: Pledge, Memorize, Innovate Preparation NTSE and Olympiad + IIT- JEE/NEET/ other competitive exams.

Nishchay -(Target 12th Course)

The Hustle: Passion, Hunger, Grind Preparation for IIT-JEE/NEET and all national level examinations.

- (Repeater's course batch)

The rejuvenating phase: reform, rebuild, focus. Prepares students of 11th + 12th, 12th passed- IIT-JEE/ NEET for

- (Crash course batch)

The Race: Drift, Balance, Head up Gear Prepares for 12th- IIT- JEE/NEET/KVPY - improves strike rate and memory phenomenon.

- (Capsule course batch)

The Destination: Lead, Revise, Surrender Prepares only for board examinations + IIT-JEE/NEET and all national level

Our Teaching Module Structure

We follow scientifically proven Teaching methods combined with our learnings from Vedas and we have found two basic requirements while teaching, an experienced faculty teacher and a customized series of notes along with regular practice sessions.

1. CLP SESSION: Classroom Learning

highly experienced teachers who have experience of 5-25 years takes a 1 hour period of the subject including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths after the denture students are fetched with homework which builds their concept and also increases their problem solving approach. Interactive classes will conduct by experienced faculty for building and scaling up students’ knowledge, analytical skills and question solving abilities.

2. DPP sheets (Daily Practice Paper):

Whatever is taught during the lecture sessions, after completion of that particular lecture session practices sessions are taken in the classroom with the help of DPP sheets. The reason behind practicing DPP sheets is that the MCQ solving strike [it helps in increasing the MCQ solving strike rate].

3. Problem Solving Counters:

The problem solving counters are conducted on a regular basis after every topic completion. Student’s doubts from exercise sheets are clarified to the basic level to ensure complete preparation in all respect. To give personal attention to each student even outside the classrooms our faculty members regularly remain available at problem solving counters. In an individual student feels that some Situation | Statement | Theory is not clear the they may clarify these at “PROBLEM SOLVING COUNTER”, In the one on one interact mode. Live video Lectures:Access over 500+ hours of video lectures 24X7 with more than 10,000 questions, discussed, covering complete syllabus for JEE/NEET preparation.500+ Hours of video lectures explained by experts 60+ hours of Rankers level.

4. Homework & Assignment:

Exercise sheets based on latest patterns of examination are provided for each topic. These exercise sheets give a though practice after completion of your doubt solvation you can ensure that your preparation is complete in the particular topic.

1. CLP SESSION: Classroom Learning

Faculties that have groomed many students having experience of 5-25 years with specific expertise in subjects. The whole teaching session is made interactive and homework is given so that the students learn to be accountable and responsible. An easy-to-study summed up study material is provided to each student for practice, and board sessions for 10th, 11th, and 12th are held so that the students can score top grades for their exams.

5. Test Sessions

We believe in the method of trial and error, that’s why we test students on a daily basis through written methods and even through the viva. A topic-wise assignment is given to check the student’s progress. Group tests are conducted generally for PCB, PCM, and PCMB students on a regular basis for competitive exams. And to top all this off, we provide interaction hours where students conversing ability and confidence are improved along with on-the-spot revisions.

6. The MINDGURU Mentorship Session

Students that are in our care not only get academic benefits but we also provide them with guidance and mentorship throughout our journey together. Special study rooms are provided to the students so that they can regulate their studies for IIT-JEE and NEET. For the youth, we hold counseling sessions and motivational sessions where we help them open up, build up confidence and pick a suitable career option.

7. Online/Offline Academic Sessions

The students have the privilege to study through an offline or online method that may suit their specific requirements. With access to over 500+ hours of video lectures with many discussed questions and answers. The video lectures are recorded and the video player has an easy-to-use interface keeping the student’s needs in mind. The offline coaching centers have every required facility for a better learning experience keeping the blend of Science and Vedas alive.

What makes Mindgurukulam a best choice?

1 Scientifically designed mentorship programme with National level Mentors... Supported by BEST FACULTY, DETAILED & EASY NOTES, RETREAT PRACTICE SESSIONS… the best Investment you can make in yourself.

1. Mindgurukulam mentorship:

To help them achieve milestones with personalized guidance, support and track for Board exams, IIT-JEE/NEET.

2. Best

Our expert faculty members have years of experience and have produced many IITians and Doctors every year.

3. Comprehensive study material

Material prepared by our subject experts covers the entire syllabus in precise point wise notes in Basic English
language for better

4. Upto 100% Scholarship

We have a unique scholarship exam to honor, mentor and guide IIT-JEE/NEET aspirants. They get the opportunity of upto 100% scholarship and also win cash rewards.